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Welcome to The Lee Show. If this is the first Substack you are reading, I am thrilled to welcome you to the future of journalism and media. If this is one of many that you read, thank you. I know that your time and attention are limited and I am glad to have some of your support.

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The Lee Show focuses on two things. The first is unique and differentiated insights into essential topics. Some of these are in the realm of current events, some are more conceptual. The second is personal stories about my experiences.

Interestingly, I find that about half of my readers want more of the serious stuff. The other half wants more personal stories. I tried to separate them for a bit, but it didn’t have a great flow. This is, after all, The Lee Show, and my experiences and stories are part of who I am.

The pieces vary in length. Some weeks I’m feeling a lot of shorter content. Other weeks it’s just podcasts. Sometimes it is long-form essays. My mood on this stuff varies and I go with what I feel.

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